18th August 2019

The 10km is fast becoming an iconic swim distance. New for 2018 we offer you the chance to take on this marathon challenge. We’ll provide the route and everything else you need, the rest is down to you!

Swimming 1000m and then making an ‘Aussie exit’ you decide how to approach the challenge. Will you take it easy and enjoy a brief rest from swimming whilst enjoying the spectator support?  Or, will you run straight through and plunge into the water for your next lap?

Will you enter as an individual, a pair or a team?. Teams, you decide your swimming order, all we ask is that you complete the 10km swopping over swimmers on the short run between laps.

Whether you’re looking to complete an individual 10km or want the fun and enjoyment of competing as a team this is the challenge for you. First time marathon swimmers can enjoy a brief break from swimming every 1000m with the opportunity to refuel whilst seasoned swimmers and triathletes can enjoy the opportunity to practice their ‘Aussie Exit’s (exiting the water at the end of each lap by running up the beach, around a small loop and then running back in again).

Entries available for;

-Individuals (minimum age 18)* £50

-Teams of 2 (minimum age 16)* £60

-Teams of up to 5 (minimum age 15)* £75

-Teams of up to 10 (minimum age 13)* £100

* age as of 31:12:18

Please note swimmers under the age of 18 will need parental consent to take part in this challenge. This can easily be completed at registration on event day or by filling in the forms sent out with race details.

Location: Fritton Lake Outdoor Centre, Church Lane, Fritton, NR31 9HA

Start time: 10am

Wet suit optional

During the swim you will be monitored by a safety team operating from rescue boats and kayaks. If you are interested in providing volunteer swim support to the event from kayak or paddle-board please get in touch with us at info@activeoutdoorsport.co.uk .

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